20 February 2018

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02/15/2008 KOREA

Govt must listen to those in society who are treated like slaves, says Justice and Peace Commission

In response to a law adopted to ostensibly manage irregular work, the Church calls on Catholics to oppose unjust employment practices. Solidarity and human dignity should be promoted as much as economic growth.

Seoul (AsiaNews) – Like Christ Catholics should listen to the cry of those who are victim of an unjust labour market and do all they can to change the situation which is destroying people and families, this according to a message that the Justice and Peace Commission of the Bishops’ Conference will release this coming Sunday.

In it Commission Chairman Mgr Boniface Choi Ki-san will call on the government to change the law on irregular work approved last Monday because the legislation is unfair to many workers offering no solution to their predicament.

For the bishop “efforts must be made to place human dignity first, especially in the workplace. We must show sympathy to those who do not have a regular job and express our solidarity towards them. The Church shall do all in its power to regularise the situation of its own employs wherever it can.”

Lastly “I pray that our society [. . .] may have positive concern for the socially weak and practice sharing what we have with them in the spirit of common good, solidarity and human dignity, not just pursuing efficiency and economic growth,” said Bishop Choi.

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07/12/2007 KOREA
Let us defend the human dignity of North Koreans, says prelate
Mgr Boniface Choi Ki-san, chairman of the bishops’ Committee for Justice and Peace, urges the faithful to make a greater effort to defend society, especially the weakest, from suicide, abortion, capital punishment and the cloning of human embryo, which threaten human dignity.

18/06/2007 INDIA
Economic boom should not be on the backs of the poorest of the poor
In an interview with AsiaNews the executive secretary of the National Commission for Justice, Peace and Development explains how India’s economic boom is often taking place on the backs of the poor, who often lose the little they have to the benefit of big corporations. The Church fights for their rights. Gandhi’s example is remembered.

26/07/2007 INDIA
Every day hunger kills 6,000 children in India
The Catholic Church launches a new campaign against malnutrition in the country. “Freedom from Hunger” is intended to draw people’s attention to the large segment of India’s population that does not have access to enough food.

13/09/2017 15:30:00 PAKISTAN
School uniform became son’s shroud, says father of murdered Christian student

Sharoon Masih was murdered by his classmates on the third day of school. For the National Commission for Justice and Peace, the boy’s murder is the fault of school authorities. His death was not the result of “a fight among teenagers, but in fact it was caused by intolerance, discrimination and inhuman attitude”.

03/03/2008 INDIA
A ‘bread and circuses’ budget
The executive secretary of the National Commission for Justice, Peace and Development criticises the 2008-2009 Budget for being too populist. Spending estimates only offer short-term solutions in view of next year’s elections, but leave hundreds of millions of people, the poor and rural communities, destitute.

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