22 March 2018

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04/22/2010 FRANCE – ISLAM

From Paris to Brussels, move to ban the burqa

Sarkozy wants to ban the full-face veil across France. A draft bill is set to reach the French parliament in mid-May. Belgium will soon vote to ban wearing the burqa and niqab in public. AsiaNews proposes again Father Samir’s thoughts on the matter.

Paris (AsiaNews) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he is favour of banning the burqa from France’s territory. The ban will cover not only public institutions like schools, hospitals and transport, but also public establishments and places like offices, markets, banks, and restaurants.

A draft proposal should be ready for consideration by the French cabinet early May. If it is adopted, it will be submitted to parliament by the middle of the month.

The law would include a total ban on full-face veils or similar articles of clothing. Its supporters expect the new law to survive any constitutional challenges. French Prime Minister François Fillon said that in any event his government is ready to take a risk on the matter. Wearing the burqa would thus be an individual right limited to the private sphere.

The Belgian parliament is currently debating a similar law. If it were passed, it would make Belgium the first European country to ban wearing the burqa and the niqab in public.

Even though the draft bill has been criticised by human rights activists, it was approved by the Home Affairs Committee of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

According to the law, violators would be subject to a fine of 15-25 Euros and could be liable to a prison sentence of one to seven days.

AsiaNews has already addressed the burqa issue, thanks to the contribution of Fr Samir Khalil Samir, a Jesuit priest and Islam expert (see his article, “An anti-burqa law to renew Islam in Europe,” in AsiaNews, 8 February 2010).

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08/02/2010 ISLAM - EUROPE
An anti-burqa law to renew Islam in Europe
Wearing the all-enveloping outer garment is not a religious requirement, but a cultural tradition from Saudi Arabia. It is the symbol of an attack by extremist Islam on Europe, and this has generated contempt for a certain retrograde form of Islam. A law is needed against wearing full-face veil in public spaces, but what is even more needed is a broad dialogue between East and West that would allow Islam to be modernised and integrated into European culture, and thus have an opportunity to contribute to world civilisation.

15/09/2010 ISLAM - FRANCE
French Senate passes law banning the burqa in public
Moderate reactions - so far – from the Islamic world. Appreciated by women, who see it as a choice for modernity. The law provides for a six-month period of "education", then a woman who chooses to defy the ban will receive a fine of 150 Euros, a man who forces a woman to go veiled will be fined 30 thousand.

14/07/2010 ISLAM-FRANCE
Muslims say the total veil ban violates human rights and religious freedom
The Muslim world reacts to the first approval of the French law which prohibits the covering the face in public. The Islamic Human Rights Commission talk about Islamophobia and racism of the state. Most media look with hope to a possible declaration of unconstitutionality. And there are those who evoke the Holocaust.

10/03/2018 12:32:00 INDONESIA – ISLAM
Islamic university in Yogyakarta bans full veil

The rector warns that radicalisation, as exemplified by the burqa, undermines learning. Islamist movements slam the ban. Infiltration of radical ideas in student organisations and their activities on Islamic campuses and schools is a danger. The Widodo government is trying to curb the influence of Islamists.

26/07/2010 SAUDI ARABIA
Islamic scholars: if the veil is banned, Muslim women may uncover their face
Leading Saudi experts have criticized the French government decision, which denies freedom of religion, but agree that Muslim women are "allowed" or "it is better to" show their face when required by the law of the host country .

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