20 February 2018

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05/11/2012 SYRIA

UN condemns Damascus bombings. Regime and rebels must end violence

The final toll is 55 dead and more than 400 injured. Even China and Russia condemn the attack and call for respect of the ceasefire proposed by Kofi Annan.

Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The UN Security Council has condemned the twin bombings that hit Qazzaz district of Damascus yesterday, claiming 55 victims and over 400 injured. Today, Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General has asked the Assad government and the opposition to stop the violence "and to distance themselves from indiscriminate bombings and terrorist acts." The 15 members of the Council of the United Nations urged both parties to follow the peace plan of Kofi Annan, UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, starting with respect for the ceasefire that began on 12 April. Even China and Russia, who in recent months repeatedly defended the regime of Assad, shared the call of the UN and Security Council condemned the terrorist attack.

The two bombs exploded yesterday morning 7.55 (local time) on the highway linking the capital with the southern cities of the country, during rush hour, causing carnage. The images aired on state television showed dozens of bodies charred and mangled by the explosion, among the victims there were also 11 children.

According to the Syrian Ministry of Interior, the attack was carried out by two suicide bombers on board as many car bombs. The regime accused the opposition led by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) of planning the attack to create panic and discredit President Bashar al-Assad. The FSA has denied any connection with the massacre instead it accuses the regime. Today, after Friday prayers, the opposition movements will return to the streets in major cities across the country to demand the resignation of Assad.



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