22 March 2018

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06/01/2013 SRI LANKA

Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration with Pope Francis inspires Sri Lankan youth

All parishes in the country are preparing for the moment of global prayer which will take place tomorrow simultaneously. Speaking to AsiaNews, the testimonies of Catholics in Sri Lanka who have changed thanks to the Pope’s witness.

Colombo (AsiaNews) - Sri Lankan Catholics are looking forward to the simultaneous worldwide Eucharistic Adoration convened by Pope Francis. The celebrations will be held in all the churches of the country from 20.30 to 21.30. The vigil in the Cathedral of Saint Lucia in Kotahena, will be led by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo. Through "The Messenger", the official newspaper of the Catholic community, the cardinal stressed the importance of this moment of prayer in conjunction with adoration at St. Peter's basilica, inviting parishes to move the schedule of processions for Corpus Christi, to allow all the faithful to participate.

Many young Catholics in Sri Lanka are affected by the characteristics and scope of this celebration, a common prayer throughout the universal Church. Shivantha Cooray, an Aircraft Technician at Sri Lankan Air line and student of Engineering in Colombo, told AsiaNews that "the idea of ​​praying at the same time together with the Pope is unprecedented. For many of us it will be something memorable and joyful, that we will always remember". According to Shivantha, "young people are impressed by the initiatives and by the way Pope Francis takes care of his flock. We feel closer to the Universal Church ... The Pope is a true example. We love him and pray every day for our Pope".

For Rebecca De Silva, mother of three children, this spiritual practice is very suitable to our time and the meaning of the Year of Faith. "This is the first time I've felt something speak so much to my mind and my heart." "This Adoration - she added - is also a good example for many of our young priests."

"It will be an intense and extraordinary hour," says Rekha Denipitiya,  Catholic from Ragama always been involved in charitable works of her parish. "For me - she continues - knowing that the whole world will be praying at the same time in front of the Holy Eucharist is very touching." Another young girl, Poojani Ramara Perera, a student at the Convent of the Holy Family of Wennappuwa says "thanks to the Pope that I feel closer to God His testimony inspires me to follow the example of the life and teachings." For a parishioner of Negombo (West Sri Lanka) this gesture of prayer "shows the world the unity of the Church and the Catholics obedience to the pope."


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04/06/2013 INDONESIA
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02/06/2013 VATICAN
Pope: for an hour, the Catholic world met in Eucharistic Adoration
Pope Francis was in St Peter's Basilica and in every cathedral, parish, and convent around the world. During this morning's Mass, Francis described war as the "suicide of humanity." In history, so many times we have seen "the great ones of the earth want to solve" local problems, economic problems, and economic crises "with a war. Why? Because, for them, money is more important than people! And war is just that: it is an act of faith in money, in idols, in idols of hatred, in the idol that leads to killing one's brother, which leads to killing love."

04/06/2013 VIETNAM - VATICAN
Vietnamese Catholics join Pope Francis in universal Eucharistic adoration
The faithful filled the country's churches and cathedrals with enthusiasm and participation in response to Pope Bergoglio's call. Becoming "one in Christ" and strengthening the ideal of "unity and communion" with the Church universal were among the many intentions. Special thoughts were devoted to the victims of war, crisis and religious persecution.

13/03/2018 15:26:00 INDIA – VATICAN
Church in India celebrates the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis

A special Eucharistic adoration and prayer will be held tonight for the Holy Father. Thirty-three bishops have gathered in Mumbai, in addition to Card Gracias and the apostolic nuncio Mgr Giambattista Diquattro. Pope Francis is "the Pope of mercy" who "has a great love for Asia".

04/06/2013 CHINA - VATICAN
Chinese Catholics united with Pope Francis in universal Eucharistic adoration
Official and underground bishops emphasised unity with the Pope and the universal Church. In many parishes, adoration was held in conjunction with the St Peter's Basilica from 11 pm to midnight (Beijing time). In the countryside, given the difficulties of transport, the event was held in daylight hours. Everyone prayed for Pope Francis's intentions.

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