22 March 2018

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10/23/2014 IRAN - USA

For the first time in 35 years Boeing sells aircraft parts to Iran

The company said that the sale was allowed by the American government, and involves “spare parts that are for safety purposes " not new aircraft.

Washington (AsiaNews / Agencies) - For the first time in 35 years, Boeing has sold aircraft components to Iran. Breaking the news, the industry itself stated that it has sold  "aircraft manuals, drawings, and navigation charts and data" to Iran Air.

The sale, which has yielded Boeing 120 thousand dollars, is the first since 1979, the year of the "hostage crisis" which was followed by United States sanctions on all trade useful to aviation.

The sale, said the company, took place between June and September this year, producing 12 thousand dollars in profits and was possible thanks to a US government license allowing Boeing, for a "limited period of time," to provide "spare parts that are for safety purposes" to Iran. Boeing is still not allowed to sell new planes to Iran.

The political motivations of the decision are highlighted in the note issued by Boeing stating that the trade in spare parts is "consistent with guidance from the US government in connection with ongoing negotiations". The reference appears to be an interim agreement between the 5 +1 (the five members of the Security Council plus Germany) and Iran over its nuclear program, which was signed in November.


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05/04/2014 IRAN - USA
For the first time since the Islamic revolution, Boeing reopens exports to Iran
The U.S. Treasury Department licenses the aircraft manufacturer to sell individual components to Tehran. The national airline still uses aircraft dating to before the rise to power of Khomeini.

10/03/2018 17:43:00 IRAN – RUSSIA
Tehran to counter Trump's sanctions by turning to Moscow to renew its fleet of passenger planes

Iran wants to buy Sukhoi Superjet 100 from Russia. Russian minister says negotiations are well under way. The aim is to limit the consequences of the possible cancellation of deals already reached with Boeing and Airbus. The Kremlin and the Islamic Republic want to boost bilateral trade.

23/02/2018 16:48:00 IRAN – UNITED STATES
US sanctions have turned Iranian airplanes into ‘flying coffins’

Last Sunday’s air crash that killed 65 people has raised the issue of airplane safety in Iran. Some 200 accidents have occurred in 20 years with at least 2,000 deaths. Most of the fleet should have been changed ten years ago, but sanctions have stopped purchases. And Trump is now set to block a billion-dollar agreement between Teheran and Boeing (as well as Airbus).

16/01/2013 JAPAN - ASIA
Tokyo suspends all Boeing 787 for safety concerns
The ANA stops the flights of 17 Dreamliners, Japan Airlines stops all flights for today. A Boeing 787 was in danger of catching fire. A long series of incidents hampers new plane, built with carbon compounds to consume less fuel. But there are many problems. The dilemma for the airlines.

20/11/2009 IRAN-US
Tehran delays on nuclear deal, Obama threatens new sanctions
The Iranian foreign minister announces a counter-proposal to the draft presented by the IAEA. The U.S. announces the study of "a package of possible steps." The crux seems to be the attitude of China and Russia, strongly interested in economic projects in Iran.

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