16 December 2017

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06/15/2005 HOLY LAND

A tool for peace: the Directory of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land

As a communication tool for local Catholics, the Directory's first English-language edition offers up-to-date information about the Church's activities, institutions and addresses in the Holy Land.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) – The Apostolic Delegation of the Holy See in Jerusalem announced today that for the first time the Directory of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, a tool for inter-faith dialogue and cooperation, will be published in English this year.

The publication, which is edited and financed by the Delegation itself, is more than ever an indispensable instrument to better understand the reality of Catholic communities scattered around the Holy Land.

The 289-page book provides its users with clear, updated contact information about the ten Catholic (arch) dioceses present in the Holy Land, i.e. those of the Latin (Roman Catholic) Patriarchate and those of the five Eastern Catholic Churches, along with a list of their bishops, parishes and schools.

The book includes a complete listing of all Catholic religious orders, congregations and movements, both of men and women, as well as information about their institutions and activities, such as their educational institutions, specialised schools for dependent and disabled children, and their medical and social services.

It also includes a list of Church-related charitable and humanitarian organisations, its main shrines, pilgrim services, and other institutions it operates.

A special section is devoted to the Custody of the Holy Land, which includes the Holy Places and other institutions entrusted to the Franciscan Fathers. 

The information for each entity includes its name, the person in charge, type of activity, address, telephone and fax numbers, and, wherever available, e-mail and website information.

The Directory is a vital research and communication tool for anyone interested in the Catholic Church in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus. 

Not only does it help users understand the Catholic presence in the Holy Land but it also serves as an instrument for inter-faith dialogue, collaboration and contact with local Church officials and institutions. 

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