22 February 2018

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10/23/2015 ISRAEL

Israeli police remove restrictions on Al-Aqsa mosque

Since September men under 45 had been denied access to site. Not clear if move aimed at cooling recent tension. An Israeli soldier stabbed this morning.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Israeli police have announced the lifting of restrictions that prevented access to the Al-Aqsa mosque for men under 45.

The announcement should allow everyone to Temple Mount for Friday prayers, but it is unclear whether the prohibition was lifted only for today.

The restrictions were imposed in September, following violent clashes at checkpoints at the base of the Temple Mount.

The decision seems to be related to diplomatic activity aimed at reducing the tension that gave birth to the "intifada of knives".  In the latest incident an Israeli soldier was wounded this morning in a stabbing near the Gevaot settlement. The soldier and his assailant were lightly wounded, and both have been hospitalized.

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14/07/2017 09:49:00 ISRAEL - PALESTINE
Shootout in Jerusalem: Three Palestinians killed and three Israelis injured

The three Palestinian assailants opened fire at 7 am, injuring the three Israeli policemen.  The attackers, whose identities are still unknown, were shot dead.. 

19/07/2017 18:15:00 ISRAEL – PALESTINE
Clashes break out in Jerusalem between Israeli police and Muslims

Violence started at the end of the evening prayer. Worshippers prayed outside the mosques in protest against the presence of metal detectors. Fatah called for the "Day of rage".

28/07/2017 10:00:00 ISRAEL - PALESTINE
Palestinians return to pray at al-Aqsa, but tensions remains high

Israel removes all the security measures imposed two weeks ago. Some skirmishes with the police. Other violence is feared today. Netanyahu: "Time to consider the death penalty for terrorists."

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