22 February 2018

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11/03/2016 LEBANON

Maronite bishops: Welcome Aoun and hope for a stable government of Lebanon

At their monthly assembly led by Patriarch Rai, the prelates hailed the election of the head of state after more than a two and a half year vacuum. Praise for Aoun’s oath address and emphasis on "stability." Now the goal is for the "quick" formation of a new government and a new electoral law to guarantee "representativeness."


Beirut (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Maronite bishops have welcomed the election of General Michel Aoun (81 years) as 13 ° president of the Lebanese Republic, after two and a half years of a power vacuum. Now the goal, added the prelates, is the "quick" formation of an "efficient government" that is able to face and solve the old problems - economic crisis, institutional stalemate, domestic terrorism, border wars and reception of refugees - investing the Land of the Cedars.

At their monthly assembly, which was held yesterday at the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkerké under the chairmanship of Cardinal Beshara Rai, the bishops stressed the joint efforts of all parties in Aoun’s election.

The the prelates appreciated the reference in the inaugural speech of the new head of state, to the need for political, economic, administrative and social stability, all seen as key issues as well as the growth of Lebanon. Another priority must be the approval of  a new electoral law capable of ensuring the "representativeness" of all parts of the country.

In the document published at the conclusion of their meeting, the Maronite bishops recalled the "critical phase" crossed by the nation, which is a "huge responsibility" for the new head of state and the future executive. The prelates also call for "unity" at a critical moment in the history not only of Lebanon, but throughout the Middle East.

Finally, the Assembly hopes that after two years of instability a new "stage" can now be opened where efforts can focus on "activities of everyday life" and that all means are established by which the Lebanese "can earn their daily bread. " The prelates conclude that the people ask only to live in a nation "worthy of their aspirations," in a country "that will save them from looking elsewhere for conditions to live and work in dignity."

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08/06/2009 LEBANON
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