22 March 2018

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02/21/2017 BANGLADESH

Khulna, Islamic leader promises protection to Christians and Hindus

The Commission for Dialogue and Ecumenism organized a workshop, attended by Catholics, Hindus and Muslims. "Politicians often work only for their own benefit." "Christians must create more interfaith seminars to reduce religious fanaticism in Bangladesh"


Khulna (AsiaNews) - "I invite everyone to consult me at all times, if they hear news of persecution against Christians and Hindus. I will go on the site and will stop it": This is the promise uttered by Alhaj Nazrul Islam Molla, Chairman dell'Ulama League Dakop, sub-district of Khulna (south-western Bangladesh).

The Islamic leader spoke at a seminar for Interreligious Dialogue at St. Michael's Church, Chalna parish. The event brought together 65 representatives: Catholics, Hindus and Muslims, all engaged in the creation of a society of peace and harmony.

The seminar was organized by the Khulna Diocesan Commission for Dialogue and Ecumenism. Opening the meeting the bishop, Msgr. James Romen Boiragi, explained the reasons for such an initiative.

"We want to promote the understanding between members of different religious groups- he said - we all need to know each other in depth. " This is because, he stressed, "the lack of mutual understanding brings misunderstanding and conflict between the various confessions."

According to Msgr. Boiragi, often "political leaders are working only for their own benefit, and not to build peace. If the religious leaders work together, they could achieve peace in the easiest way through discussions and proposals ".

For its part, Alhaj Molla Nazrul Islam said that "Islam is a religion of peace. Our Prophet Muhammad has suffered much in his lifetime to establish peace. We must do the same. " Then the Muslim leader, who is very influential in his community, invited everyone to report episodes of violence or discrimination committed against minorities. "If you see that someone - he asked - is trying to create problems in your groups in the name of Islam, inform me. I will address the problem and help you to solve it. "

The Hindu leader Madon Mohon Roy said that the Hindu tradition maintains peace: "The god Krishna came to earth to establish peace. Respect for the religion of others is the only way to create a peaceful world ".

Fr. Pietanza Dominico Mimmo, director of the Center for Interreligious Dialogue of Khulna and one of the organizers, believes that "these kind of seminars bring very positive results, with friendly relations between the members of various confessions."

"Given that we Christians are a minority - he said - we should organize more similar opportunities to reduce religious fanaticism in Bangladesh".

In Bangladesh, Christians are about 0.6% of a total of over 160 million inhabitants. Among Christians, the largest community is Roman Catholic, with almost 600 thousand faithful.

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