20 February 2018

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09/19/2005 CHINA

Space hero Yang Liwei, makes way for new recruits

The colonel, the first Chinese man in space, will not be along members of a new space team. The new mission Shenzou VI, should take off in mid-October.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Yang Liwei, the first Chinese in space, is not among the astronauts making up the second national manned mission of the Space Programme. According to Chinese newspapers, Col. Yang, who became a national hero after making the circling the Earth solo 14 times in October 2003, said he wanted to make way for other astronauts to have a similar opportunity. He told Xinhua: "I won't go on the Shenzhou VI mission."

The military man confirmed that the mission will take place in mid-October 2005 but added that he had been "too involved in the selection and training of 13 other astronauts in line for a seat on the craft" to prepare himself.

The "taikonauta" said the Shenzhou VI flight would differ from his mission. In the first place, it would involve two astronauts and last five to seven days. Also, the astronauts would, for the first time, make their way from the re-entry module to an orbital module to conduct experiments. The colonel said the astronauts would be more comfortable, with sleeping bags and facilities for heating food. The mission successfully concluded by Yang put China in third place among nations who sent men to space after the United States and the former Soviet Union.

The second Chinese manned mission, according to some reports, will take off using a Long March 2F rocket, after the October 1 to 7 national holiday. The same sources said the flight would leave from the Jiuquan Space Launch Centre in Gansu province (interior Mongolia).

Traditionally, the space programme has always been shrouded in secrecy but since the success of the first mission, Chinese authorities have shown more transparency in the course of operations.

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17/10/2016 09:19:00 CHINA
Shenzhou 11, prepares space mission to the moon and to Mars

Two astronauts, Jing and Chen, will stay in space for 33 days. They will conduct studies and pharmaceutical, physical and biological tests. Congratulations from President Xi Jinping: "A new contribution to building China as a space power."


17/10/2005 CHINA
Shenzhou VI returns; another space mission planned for 2007

Chinese leaders are making triumphant noises. Experts say the mission was partly intended to stimulate the "national pride" of a people worried about poverty, social problems and corruption.

25/09/2008 CHINA
China’s first spacewalk tomorrow
The three-manned Shenzhou VII spacecraft is scheduled to take off today. Its mission includes China’s first spacewalk. Experts note that China’s space programme is led by the military and that its data can be used for military purposes. A Chinese space station is already on the drawing board.

11/10/2005 CHINA
Shenzhou VI liftoff set for 12 October

There may be a short delay if weather conditions are not favourable. The space mission will take five days. Only national media agencies were given the opportunity to cover the event; the rest were denied access. For the first time, there will be a two-man crew.

03/07/2017 09:22:00 CHINA
Hainan, failed launch of Long March 5-Y2 rocket

Abrupt halt to the Chinese Space Program. The launch was the final scheduled test for the Long March-5 series. Anomaly 40 minutes after takeoff. Onboard the heaviest satellite that China has ever launched into space. In coming years, eight Long March-5 launches planned for the lunar probe, space stations and missions on Mars.

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