19 February 2018

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05/27/2004 CAMBODIA

Cambodian farmers turn to organic rice as demand from the West rises

Phum Prech  (AsiaNews/Agencies) -  Hundreds of Cambodian rice farmers are switching to organic production, hoping to export to the health-conscious west as well as tap into rising domestic demand.

The German aid agency Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) is training 500 farmers which provides them with seeds  and general training.

"I want to start organic farming, because being chemical-free it will not have an impact on my health and I will get a higher price for my crops", said  Keo Yaon, attended a workshop on making natural fertiliser a Phum Prech, around 100 km south of Phnom Penh. Keo Yaon's initial investment will be in making a fertiliser of cow manure and plant compost.  "It is a small investment and then I don't need to spend money on chemical fertilisers", she said.

GZT projects aim at responding to burgeoning demand for chemical and pesticide-free foods. More than 110 farmers from five villages in Battambang (300 km northwest of Phnom Penh) are going organic. The transition process from chemical farming takes at least three years to satisfy the International  Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) criteria.



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13/02/2018 17:15:00 PHILIPPINES
The diocese of San Jose promoting organic farming

Farming is the main activity for 80 per cent of the population of a region known as the country’s rice greenery. The local Church has undertaken various social development initiatives, including women’s empowerment and a feeding programme for children.

14/05/2013 THAILAND
The Thai monarchy celebrates rice, engine of the national economy
Ploughing Ceremony Day was held yesterday in the Royal Palace, a festival of hope for a plentiful harvest. The cereal is one of the most important national products and is one of the symbols of tradition. Buddhist religious: "It is a national glory". Environmentalist warns: safeguard nature to preserve crops.

07/02/2018 17:46:00 CAMBODIA
UN intervenes after army officer grabs villagers’ land

The disputed land is located in the O'Sophy Kiri Prey Srong forest, which is protected by the United Nations. Lieutenant Van Limeng sued 13 families in O'Chab Trey village. Many soldiers stationed in a nearby military base now use the land illegally.

18/06/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian nuns promote organic rice to boost sustainable agriculture among Christian and Muslim farmers
For the past 14 years, three nuns have promoted farming methods that protect the environment in the Diocese of Purwokerto. As Pope Francis advocates, their goal is to protect nature and promote development. The project involves mostly Muslim farmers, said Sister Alphonsa Triatmi.

21/01/2011 INDONESIA
East Java, Indonesian bishops promote organic farming projects
Expert agronomists teach natural farming techniques, without pesticides or additives. The goal is twofold: to protect consumers and enhance the living standards of farmers. The bishops socio-economic Commission supports the initiative with "moral and financial" help.

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