17 January 2018

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Shootout in Jerusalem: Three Palestinians killed and three Israelis injured

The three Palestinian assailants opened fire at 7 am, injuring the three Israeli policemen.  The attackers, whose identities are still unknown, were shot dead.. 

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Three Palestinians were killed after opening fire on Israeli police this morning, around 7:00 pm, at the Gate of the Lions, near Temple Mount. Three Israelis were injured, two of them seriously, according to Israeli security forces.

According to police spokesperson Luba Simri, the three fired at the police and headed for one of the Mosques. Israeli media videos show several policemen chasing and shooting a man.

Witnesses reported to Ma'an that the three assailants were wounded, and that the Israeli security forces stopped doctors from approaching. Other sources told the agency that the Palestinians arrived on a motorcycle, carrying two semi-automatic weapons a gun and a knife.

The identities of the three assailants are still unknown.

At the moment, access to the Temple Mount has been closed and Friday prayers will not be allowed. The area, considered sacred by both Jews and Muslims, is often a theater of tensions

The incident occurred shortly after the killing of an 18-year-old Palestinian in Bethlehem during a raid on the al-Duheisha refugee camp.

Despite reduced incidents of violence in recent months, tensions from the "intifada of knives", which exploded since October 2015, continue to reap victims: according to AFP sources, at least 277 Palestinians, 42 Israelis and people of different nationalities. The majority of dead are Palestinian assailants (or presumed assailants), often young, who are acting alone.

Israel accuses Palestinian authority of inciting violence, but for Palestinian leaders and personalities, the desperation from occupation is the main cause of the attacks.

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