27 February 2017

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Women suspected of Kim Jong-nam murder arrested

One has an Indonesian passport; the other Vietnamese. The Malaysian police thinks that four men are also implicated. Visits by Pyongyang embassy representatives to the Kuala Lumpur forensic center. Increase protection for all high-profile North Korean refugees in Seoul.


Seoul (AsiaNews) - Police in Malaysia have arrested two women suspected of murdering the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. One woman was arrested today, Siti Aishah, 25, with an Indonesian passport. Another was detained yesterday at the airport: She is 29 years old and has a Vietnamese passport under the name Doan Thi Huong.

The Malaysian police four men and two women were behind the murder with poison of Kim Jong-nam. One of the women was picked up by airport cameras, wearing a T- shirt that said "Lol" (see Photo).

According to the South Korea secret services, the murder of Kim Jong-nam was "an order” issued by Kim Jong-un as early as 2011, when he inherited power after the death of his father Kim Jong-il.

The Seoul government has not blamed North Korea for now, preferring to wait for the conclusions of the police in Malaysia. But today, during a Cabinet meeting, the interim president Hwang Kyo-ahn called for greater protection for all high-profile North Korean defectors, who may be the targets of Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian media, quoting official sources, say that Pyongyang has requested the body of Kim Jong-nam, but no one has claimed it so far. The police chief said the body will remain in the morgue while it is not claimed. Yesterday and last night the North Korean embassy representatives visited forensic offices, where autopsies take place, several times.

If confirmed the hypothesis of Kim Jong-un as a principal, this would be the last high-level assassination in the Kim dynasty saga.

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Malaysian health minister confirms that the nerve agent acted quickly by blocking the heart and lungs. The two women arrested thought they smeared "baby oil" on Kim's face and were taking part in a television prank. One was paid with 80 dollars.


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Kim Jong-nam killed by a powerful nerve gas

Police found traces of VX nerve agent on the victims’ face and in his eyes. VX is considered by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction. Just one drop absorbed through the skin leads to death within minutes. North Korea believed to have between 2500 and the 5 thousand tons of nerve gas.


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The first statement issued on the issue by the North cites the death of "its nationals" in Kuala Lumpur, without the leader's half-brother Kim Jong-un named. Malaysia’s actions  termed "illegal and immoral" and in "total disregard for international law."


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Two North Koreans (including a diplomat) wanted for the murder of Kim Jong-nam

Kwang Hyon-song second secretary at the embassy of North Korea in Malaysia; Kim Uk-il is employed by Air Koryo, the North’s State airline. The two women who poisoned Kim Jong-nam knew that the substance was toxic. No sign of the presence of Kim Han-sol, the son of Kim.


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Kim Jong-un speaks (for the first time), greets South Koreans
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